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In today’s society there is no need to put up with bullying in the workplace; companies have a duty of care to look after the general welfare and safety of their employees. In the case of bullying, forbullying at work some people is not possible for them to contemplate going through their employers Human Resources Grievance procedure to sort out the bullying, so they just suffer at the hands of the bully for years at a time or possibly even leave their job as a result of the bullying. It does not have to be this way; it is possible to learn to be more assertive in the way you deal with a bully. If you look closely at the bully, you will notice that they cannot bully everyone and there will always be people that do not react to bullying. I remember seeing a well know celebrity chef in a reality TV program, he was bullying all the other celebrities contestants taking part in the show, but oddly enough he never bullied the Former World Boxing Champion who was in the show and also did not try it on with the Female Member of Parliament who was also in the show, ask yourself why. It was because he could not dominate them in they he was used to doing with people as both very assertive people and he knew his tactics would be futile against them, you could see this bothered him a lot. Bullying is driven for the most part by fear, and the assertive person has the ability to tap into this fear and by doing this they remove the power that the bully has. Assertiveness does not in any way mean aggression, it is best described as respecting yourself and others and viewing everyone else as an equal, no better or less important than yourself, the aim of being assertive is to stand up for yourself and you rights and to be open, direct and honest with people whilst still listening to, valuing, and respecting the other person. Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy can be very effective in increasing you assertiveness and also you confidence.

“The courage to change and allow healing to take place will create the possibility of true happiness in your life”