Sleeping & Insomnia



How Can Hypnotherapy Help Me Sleep ?

The Hypnotherapist can help the insomniac create “a place” in their mind that they can go to when they need to sleep and this is a place where they can be totally relaxed and they can feel safe and in complete control of themselves this in turn makes the person completely relaxed and drowsy and then they can drop off into a deep and relaxing sleep.

Insomnia is like a vicious circle as the more you need to sleep the more you worry that you are not sleeping then all this worry stops you from sleeping. We all know how it feels to lie there awake all night tossing and turning and inevitably we will tend to focus on negative thoughts and think about things that are worrying us. When the morning eventually comes you feel exhausted.

Why Can’t I sleep ? 

We have different brain wave states like – Beta the awake and alert state – Alpha the relaxed state – Theta sate which is the actually the Hypnotic state of deep relaxation and then eventually we pass in to the Delta state which is sleep. We need to pass through each of these states to fall asleep and insomniac commonly can gets caught in the beta or alpha state and therefore will remain awake when they really need to sleep.

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