Test & Exam Nerves


Test and Exams Nerves

Test and Exam Nerves are very common and even the most relaxed person will feel them from time to time. Nerves can actually be useful to us as they will make us practice more,  revise more, rehearse more and generally get us ready for what we need to do. However if we allow nerves to get the better of us  it will seem just as if all of our abilities have deserted us just when we need them the most.

The main fear that comes from being nervous is that we will make a fool of ourselves by failing a test or an exam , forgetting the words whilst singing or drying up in the middle of a speech. Nerves are really just another word for stress or anxiety. Instead of thinking about what you are doing you are simply thinking about what would happen if it all went wrong. Think of it like this – if you think about things in the worst way you will create stress, anxiety, worry and fear but if you can think of things in the best way then you will feel far more relaxed and far more confident and things will be much easier for you.

One if the best ways to overcome nerves is with the combined use of Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Techniques.

“The courage to change and allow healing to take place will create the possibility of true happiness in your life”