Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy differs from Hypnotherapy in that it deals with the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind people see a Psychotherapist because they have a desire to change their lives for the better. It is  best described as a talking therapy and it is carried out in strict confidence. By talking about your problems I can then help you find constructive ways to deal with and resolve them. It is very helpful in dealing with stress, sadness, anger , bereavement, boredom , guilt, relationship problems, marital and sexual problems, long standing issues  and also work and career related issues. Very often work problems encroach on your personal life and personal problems affect your working life. People are not always aware of just what it is that is causing difficulties in their life and with the help of Psychotherapy we can uncover these driving forces.


“The courage to change and allow healing to take place will create the possibility of true happiness in your life”