These testimonials are genuine and have only been edited to protect confidentiality…

“I went to Tony Burton because I was suffering with Tinnitus, and before that started I had also been having panic attacks. I chose Tony because he has Tinnitus himself. My nerves had been shot to pieces, and I was on several medications for anxiety. From the very start Tony was friendly, kind and understanding. Even though I felt ill, I sensed that Tony could help me. I believed I would never get used to living with Tinnitus, but gradually with constant reassurance and help from Tony, something began to relax in me. One day I realised for a while I had forgotten all about the Tinnitus. That was the beginning of my recovery. By the time I stopped seeing Tony, I felt confident and at peace. I highly recommend him, not only for Tinnitus but any problem that is causing great anxiety.”
Marion – Maidstone, Kent
“I had an initial consultation with Anthony where we discussed at length why I felt unsettled, under-utilised and unfulfilled in my life. Through careful questioning about my previous experience’s of both my personal and professional past I was able to reflect and question my negative and positive actions, reactions or inactions and this helped me greatly in coming to terms with, and understanding more clearly, the reasons why I acted in the way that I did. With Anthony‚Äôs guidance & help, I began to see a way forward, a way for me to ‘get the ball rolling’, to break out of my self-imposed inactivity. I have to report that in the time that I had sessions with Anthony, I feel that I have turned the corner with my life and my destiny is firmly within my control. I also worry less about the imponderables and unknowns, and have more confidence with my own abilities, and feel much more at ease with other people. Anthony always showed great professionalism, attention, care and genuine interest at all our sessions, and I would have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend Anthony to anybody who really needs a therapist that cares about them and is not just doing a job.”
Nicholas – Bromley, Kent
“I decided to see Tony because he was carrying out some research and he had offered me the chance to work with him for research purposes. I felt very comfortable talking to Tony so I jumped at the chance. I suffer from stress at work and wanted to learn new techniques in coping with this kind of stress.
I was really nervous and apprehensive at our first meeting as I had the assumption that I would let out all my secrets under Hypnosis or do really silly things but Tony was very understanding to my concerns and explained the processes of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy clearly and put my mind at rest. He told me all about the sub-conscious mind and how it effects what we do every day. I was a little scared to talk about issues that had happened in my past and wanted to keep them to myself but right from the start for some reason I just wanted to blurt them out, I tried to restrain myself as this was more about stress at work than focusing on my past issues.
Finally Tony encouraged me and allowed me to open up about these issues and to understand that I have some long-standing anger issues, which can increase my levels of stress, not only at work but also in life in general.
During the Hypnosis stage of the session, I was not very relaxed to start with but got more relaxed as the session went on until I was very relaxed and I felt a calmness come over me; Tony monitored my anxiety levels on his machine during Hypnosis and said I had achieved a very relaxed state. At the end of the appointment Tony gave me a CD, which is designed to help with learning relaxation techniques, and I found it very useful.
In all I found the Hypnotherapy very helpful and after the session I felt so much calmer and this helped me deal some stressful events over the next week in a much more relaxed way than normal. I now need more sessions with Tony as I am sure we have only touched the surface of my issues. Going forward I understand that I have some long-standing issues that I need to deal with and know they that they still have an impact on my daily life.”
Julia – Bromley, Kent

“The courage to change and allow healing to take place will create the possibility of true happiness in your life”