Fears and Phobias Explained

Fears and Phobias Explained

Fears – Most people have a fear of something, this is not uncommon and depending on what type of fear you have and what effect this fear has on your daily life it can be a nuisance or very very debilitating.  For instance if you have a fear of Snakes and lets say you live in the UK then you will nearly never come across a snake except maybe in a Zoo, so this fear with have little effect on your daily life, on the other hand if you have a fear of dogs then this will much more of a problem for you. Dogs are everywhere and you will see them all the time and even the thought of seeing a dog when you are out may make it difficult for you to contemplate going out of the house in the first place.

Phobias – A phobia differs from a fear in that it is total, a fear can be dealt with fairly easily by therapy and even by just phobiasputting up with it for awhile when required, for instance, those who fear flying will put up with it for a couple of hours when they fly to Spain for a holiday, a Phobia is a far more difficult problem to deal with. For example, assume a person had a fear of heights, then someone offered them one million pounds to abseil down a  rock face, I am sure they could overcome their fear just long enough to collect the money. If however they had a Phobia of heights then it may as well be 20 million pounds, it would not be possible for them to even consider doing it. The list of Phobias is almost endless as it is possible to have a Phobia of absolutely anything at all.  Phobias can be dealt with using a range of therapies with Hypnotherapy and Suggestion Therapy in particular being one of the best ways to work with this problem.

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